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Baty Vision Systems - VuMaster


The BATY VuMaster is a 2D vision system with a massive difference.

Due to its innovative absolute 2D scale system, the newly designed VuMaster does not have a conventional moving stage or encoders - just a floating measuring camera that moves anywhere in the measuring range. The result is fast, accurate, ‘non contact’ measurement over a much larger measuring range - 400mm x 300mm.

Because the camera moves and the part stays still, there is often no need for expensive and time consuming work holding devices.

VuMaster is either operated manually or inspection routines can be recorded and stored. When played back, these ‘programs’ either run automatically, (CNC). or guide the operator through a pre-defined inspection procedure recreating the same lighting conditions and using ‘Video Edge Detection’ to automatically ’capture’ feature data.

Finally, a report is generated in the form of a fully dimensioned drawing of the measured part.

• Large 400mm x 300mm measuring range
• Sturdy construction with a granite base
• Supplied with the latest Mark 4 Fusion software 
• Colourmap measuring technology
• Programmable collimated profile lighting
• Teach and repeat part programming
• Advanced video edge detection
• Digital zoom
• Supplied with stand, rack mount PC and 22" monitor
• Programmable segmented LED surface ring light
• Auto inspection playback
• CNC and Manual models available