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Layout Machine Measuring

Layout Machine Measuring

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Advantages of Layout Machine Measuring]
1) It is possible to inspect from small to large products, and not only measure products but also draw lines at the same time.
2) When a 3D program is installed, real-time judgment (NG, OK) is made while viewing
the modeling data. Since NG can be corrected immediately when NG occurs, work efficiency can be
improved by reducing work time and improving work efficiency.
3) It is possible to prepare an inspection report according to the customer's request.
4) Because it is a method of manually moving and contacting the product for inspection,
repetitive inspection and even complex shaped products can be inspected quickly. In comparison, the CMM is an automatic type, and it takes a lot of time because it has
to be inspected after specifying all the moving paths, and it is very complicated to inspect products with complex shapes. In particular, there are many cases where the touch probe collides with the produts and
is damaged. (The touch probe for CMM is a very expensive)
5) It is 1/3 cheaper than the price of a CMM(Coordinate measuring machine). On the other hand, compared to the CMM, the precision is not lowered and the
maintenance cost is very low.

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