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Ux-310 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy

Ux-310 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy

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Product Features

1. The element test range is from S-U, which can effectively control the Br element of Br, hexavalent chromium in Pb, Cd, Hg, PBB and PBDE of RoHS, and can also control Cl and Br elements in halogen-free instruction.

2. It is equipped with imported detectors with excellent resolution performance; professionally-made X-ray tubes and high-voltage power supplies can fully meet the requirements of RoHS and halogen-free environmental protection directives.

3. The supporting software adopts the empirical coefficient method, the theoretical alpha coefficient method and the FP method algorithm. Combined with the open working curve, the test of the control elements in various materials can be realized more quickly and accurately.

4. The over-limit setting function in the software built-in self-management system can automatically determine whether the test result is in the control range.


After optimizing the optical path, the product test channel has been added to the range of elements from Na-U. That is, it is possible to control the Br in the RoHS directive, the Br in the PBB and the PBDE, the Cr in the hexavalent chromium, and the Cl and Br elements in the halogen-free command.

Equipped with imported detectors, the resolution performance is excellent; X-ray tube and power supply classic match, Hua Wei's best-selling models, should be able to meet the EU RoHS and halogen-free environmental protection directive inspection.

It adopts Huawei's exclusive RoHS8.0 software, the combination of alpha coefficient method software and FP method software, compatibility of open working curve; report with test sample picture, hierarchical administrator mode, and whether the material changes in a few seconds.

The self-control and over-limit setting function of the software automatically determines whether the test result is in the control range.

RoHS control product range:

Control scope; large household appliances; small household appliances; information technology and telecommunications equipment; consumer equipment; lighting equipment; power tools; toys, entertainment and sports equipment; medical equipment; monitoring equipment; vending machines; The above 10 categories of products cover

RoHS Directive Limit Standard:Pb,Hg≤1000ppm;Cr6+,PBB,PBDE≤1000ppm;Cd≤100ppm

Halogen free regulations:Cl≤900ppm;Br≤900ppm;Cl+Br≤1500ppm


Test EU standard data statistics (unit: ppm)

Element name







Standard value







Test average







standard deviation







Meet the instructions

Responding to the EU RoHS 2.0 Directive--2011/65/EU

Responding to the halogen-free directive IEC 61249-2-21

Respond to the REACH directive

Coping with Toy En71 Command

Coping with the US CPSIA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

Coping with China-RoHS countries to promote voluntary certification

Compliance with IEC62321 standard

In line with GB/T 26125-2011

Product specifications

Instrument size: 680 (W) x 400 (D) x 390 (H) mm
Sample chamber size: 330*350*75mm;
Test element range: Control elements in Na-U
Detector type: Si-PIN electric refrigeration
Detector resolution: 126-169eV
High pressure range: 5-50Kv, 50W
Light pipe parameters: 5-50Kv, 50W, side windows;
Light pipe target: Mo target;
Filter: 8 kinds of composite filters are automatically switched;
CCD photo: 2 million pixels
Input voltage: AC220V, 50/60Hz
Open the cover: Free to stop automatically
Test sample types: liquid, solid and powder
Measuring range:1ppm—99.99%
Measurement time: 120-400 seconds
Test environment: non-vacuum test
Data communication: USB2.0 mode
RoHS detection limit:Pb≤5ppm,Cd/Cr/Hg/Br≤2ppm,Cl≤60ppm
Software method:αCoefficient method, basic parameter method, FP method
Work area: open from

Halogen application

After the R&D and engineering have recognized the function of the sample, the RoHS is tested. After passing the test, it is saved and marked as an acknowledged sample. In the later delivery process, as long as the source and number of the sample are selected and entered, the program will automatically determine whether the material composition and process of the supplied material have changed during the test to determine the risk of RoHS control.

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